Video testimonials by Hunting Ground Films


Heather Anderson

"This workshop was such an inspiration. I did not own a film camera or even know how to load film when I showed up my first day.  Now, just a few months later, I am shooting hybrid weddings and engagements!  I never leave my film camera behind and I prefer to shoot film. In fact,  I will shoot entirely on film when my clients are willing to pay for it!  This workshop pushed me in my craft and inspired me to be more creative.  

Another gain that I didn't expect are the friendships I developed with so many other creatives.  We really bonded as a group and I have done shoots with some of the people from the workshop. I love the FB group and reach out whenever I have questions. Everyone is great and I always get a lot of answers!  I feel like Sarah really cares about our learning and growth  after the workshop and she has been so helpful and easy to reach out to.  If there is one thing that has helped my business this year it would be this workshop."


Jessi Abenina


"The Film Photographer's Workshop was the best Christmas, anniversary and birthday present my husband had given me all wrapped up into one Big beautiful package! When I first realized how much I loved the look and emotion that the film images evoked when I scroll through social media, I knew then that i wanted to learn how to master the skill and create timelessness in my images.

I thought that I could do it through youtube, but because I am such a hands on learner I needed an actual person on the other side to answer my questions, so i enrolled myself in online classes where you can interact with fellow film photographers. However, there was still something missing and it still felt lacking, so i spent money on one to one mentoring, but even that still left me wanting. It didn’t answer all my questions and it did not make me any better with film photography, as a matter of fact it sort of discouraged me because it was all about just shooting something beautiful, i got good images during the session but I could never replicate it later. There was no technical understanding of how any of it works, i was just told to overexpose...So...when you posted that workshop on Facebook, it was God’s answer to my prayers that I jumped into it without any second thoughts and I am so happy that I did.

When i met all of the teachers, i was awestruck, in as much as you were all relatable, i felt like I was amongst celebrities whose work I admire."


Kaytlyn Eggerding


"I walked away feeling much more confident in why I do things-- a more wholesome understanding of film. Not only did the workshop give me essential techniques to use, but the confidence and community was worth it alone."