April 9-11, 2018 | TEMECULA CA


Tickets are $1995, spaces are limited to only 12! 

The price INCLUDES a beautiful and delicious welcome dinner, 2 full days of classroom learning and shoots, lodging for 3 nights and all meals (the food is amazing here!) during the workshop. 

The price does not include airfare or transportation to venue


Temecula Creek Inn is about an hour from Santa Ana and San Diego Airports and about 2 hours from LAX (much more in rush hour traffic). We recommend planning to arrive sometime in the early afternoon of the first day so that you're good and ready for the fabulous welcome dinner we have planned. We're still in the planning stages of something fun and relaxing for the last morning.

Photos of the venue



This is an all film workshop, so no digital cameras allowed. You can bring your 35mm, medium format, or event large format cameras. Bring different cameras if you'd like, but we recommend bringing the one you use the most and/or want to become the most comfortable with. Here's a list of other things you'll need:

-Your favorite film stocks, 10-20 rolls for each day of 120 and half that for 35 depending on what kind of a shooter you are. Both color and black and white will be talked about.

-Light meter

-Clothes suitable for being outside throughout the day and maybe a little light hiking. Don't forget to check the weather a couple of days before you come.

-A willingness to be in community with others, we'll be spending a lot of time together and want to foster friendship, support, and community with everyone involved. 

-You'll get out of this what you put into it. We'll provide you with the knowledge and support, it's up to you to use what we give you and ask as many questions as you can!


-Off camera lighting and challenging lighting situations, practice shoots included and with different types of lighting equipment including flash, LED lights and strobe. 

-Wedding reception lighting on film

-Metering, and why you've probably been getting metering information that's sabotaging your scans

-Posing vs. guiding your subjects

-What different film stocks look like, how to meter them and how to choose them for different lighting situations

-What pushing/pulling means and how/why to do it

-How a lab really works and why working with one consistently is extremely important to achieving the look you want

-Going from hybrid to all film or more film, and how easy it really is

-Editing your film scans

-Pricing for profit


You're also going to get full portfolio review from the teachers if you'd like (not just your website, we mean actual bodies of work) and ongoing support in our private Facebook group when you have questions or get stuck. We want you to succeed with confidence!



For each attending friend you refer, you'll receive $100 off your fee!