Business Resources

We aren't currently offering business classes at our workshops because we've heard from past attendees that they prefer to keep it just to photography, but we know of a some people who have incredible business insight who focus just on giving fantastic business information. You'll get a lot more out of courses, workshops, books, or emails that focus on only one thing at a time, which is why we think it's so much better to do them separately so you can receive more comprehensive teaching. The following list of people are both inside and outside of the photography industry and may appeal to a wide range of personality types. Make sure to sign up for their emails! 

Reading business and marketing books OUTSIDE of the photography industry is something all photographers should be doing on a regular basis. To be successful, we have to be business owners first and photographers second. There are thousands of business advice books, start reading a few that are well known and ask successful entrepreneurs you know for recommendations they might have. 

Note: We aren't affiliates for any of these sites, we simply follow them and think they have a tremendous amount of value.

Spencer Lum - Ground Glass 

Derek Halpern - Social Triggers

Marie Forleo

Psychology for Photographers

Hilary Rushford - Dean Street Society