Dates and rates are changing for the workshop! It seems that many photographers across the country are struggling with bookings this year, which is making things like workshops difficult for a lot of people to justify. As a result, we're moving the dates of the big workshop to April to give people more time to save AND dropping the price significantly to $1995! We want you to come and learn, and we understand that it can be difficult to attend workshops when bookings are where you expect them to be for the year. Full disclosure because I know many people don't understand just how expensive it is to put on a good workshop and I don't want a price drop to come across the wrong way, this new price will barely enable me to break even, but I'm doing it because I sincerely want to help photographers get to a place of confidence and joy in their photography and I know how difficult it is to afford things like this when struggling with bookings.

We'll be holding several smaller, one day workshops in different cities around the country this fall as a pre-cursor to the big workshop. So far we are looking at NYC, New Orleans, Philadelphia, LA area, and San Francisco. Dates and locations for those will be announced soon, price will vary per workshop and it will include a half day of teaching by Robbie, Sarah and Ben, and an afternoon of a practice shoot involving lighting. Our goal with these small workshops is to give you a taste of the big workshop and also skills that you can immediately use to become more consistent in your film work. More details to come soon, stay tuned and follow our Instagram account to see updates.

-Sarah Collier, Founder