Attendee Spotlight | Kaytlyn Eggerding Photography

I've been talking to a few of our March attendees lately and I am so incredibly proud of the things they're telling me, of how the workshop helped them to become better photographers in the last few months! Kaytlyn Eggerding recently shot her VERY FIRST wedding....and she did it completely on film! Here are her words and photos.

"Here it is, my first all film wedding, which was exhilarating, freeing and terrifying. To be honest, I self proclaimed at one point that I wasn't that interested in weddings-- my main business is family photography and I love it. Sarah said something at the workshop that has stuck with me though, "What do you not trust?" When Emily inquired about shooting her wedding that was the real question I had to ask myself. 

Emily and Paul were my ideal clients-- truly in love, a small intimate wedding with 70 of their family and friends and a boutique hotel with decor worth drooling over.  So I decided to trust myself and the things I had learned/fine-tuned at the workshop. 

The day was cloudy and the light was a bit all over the place, so using window light inside was the safest bet.  One technique from the workshop I used was metering both sides of Emily or Paul's faces and meeting in the middle with my settings (especially with portraits). Because I used a lot of window light with light coming from one direction it helped even out my highlights and shadows, instead of having deep shadows on one side. As the sun started to go down the readings from my light meter started to show 1/30 and 1/60 of a second shutter speed, which at that point I couldn't hold still enough to get a sharp image. This is where technique number two came in handy. I switched to my black and white film (400 speed) and rated it at 1600-- this gave me a high enough shutter speed to shoot at. 

Not only did the workshop give me essential techniques to use, but the confidence and community was worth it alone. The Facebook group was the first place I shared the images with and immediately received cheers and response from."

Camera: Pentax645N
Film Stocks: Portra 400 and HP5 +2
Film Lab: The Find Lab