for solid, experienced teaching in one workshop from photographers with different styles and skill sets. There's been an influx of photography workshops in recent years, yet film photographers are struggling to have their many questions answered. There's a lot of fear surrounding film shooting, despite the comeback of it, and many photographers feel that digital technology is a "safety net" and a "fallback in case something goes wrong".

But remember, digital technology has flaws, and photographers have been using film for decades to make beautiful photographs. We want to show you that film is not scary, it's simply a tool, and all tools need to be learned. We use film because we feel it fulfills our photographic vision in the best way possible. Our hope is that you leave our workshop without fear and the ability to create your best work ever with film.

This workshop is mainly for portrait and wedding photographers who are either actively working with film or a beginner to film and desire to take their skills to the next level.  All classes will be taught in a way that anyone attending will be able to benefit from no matter your skill level, and shoots will correspond with what is being taught in class.

Sarah Collier, Founder

Robbie Jeffers, Instructor

Ben Collier, Instructor

Aaron Carver, Instructor


April 9-11, 2018


November 25 2017



The Film Photographers Workshop was the best Christmas, anniversary and birthday present my husband had given me all wrapped up into one Big beautiful package! When I first realized how much I loved the look and emotion that the film images evoked when I scroll through social media, I knew then that i wanted to learn how to master the skill and create timelessness in my images.

I thought that I could do it through youtube, but because I am such a hands on learner I needed an actual person on the other side to answer my questions, so i enrolled myself in online classes where you can interact with fellow film photographers. However, there was still something missing and it still felt lacking, so i spent money on one to one mentoring, but even that still left me wanting. It didn’t answer all my questions and it did not make me any better with film photography, as a matter of fact it sort of discouraged me because it was all about just shooting something beautiful, i got good images during the session but I could never replicate it later. There was no technical understanding of how any of it works, i was just told to overexpose...So...when you posted that workshop on Facebook, it was God’s answer to my prayers that I jumped into it without any second thoughts and I am so happy that I did.

When i met all of the teachers, i was awestruck, in as much as you were all relatable, i felt like I was amongst celebrities whose work I admire.
— Jessi Abenina, attendee March 2017


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